60-Second Brand Strategist: Brand Personality

Brand Strategy

Just be yourself, remember hearing that growing up? But, what is a self? How do I find myself? How do I understand my talent and my potential? How do I find a reason for being? What is life? These are the same questions you should be asking when developing a brand personality. High performance brands understand who they are and how they speak. They’re able to communicate in a way that’s accessible, relevant, and compelling. It’s all about creating trust between you, the consumer, and them, the product.

So how does a brand go from unfocused to actualized? What are the basic building blocks of a personality? First, there’s the surface level. What’s the initial thing people notice about you? Next, there’s the substance. What’s under that surface-level perception? How does someone who knows you describe you? What drives your emotional reality? Finally, what is your motivation? Are you about spreading joy, enlightenment, saving the world?

Put it all together and a brand narrator emerges. When you know who your brand is, when it speaks, you’re able to give your customers a consistent experience they can trust. You can tell any story, a million ways. Figure out who is telling the story first.



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