60-Second Brand Strategist: Deep Storytelling

Brand Strategy

Newsflash: information is everywhere. Attention spans are shorter than ever. Very few people are going to take the time to read your whole website. Shocking, right? In a world of endless options and companies trying to win your loyalty, it’s increasingly hard for a brand to make a connection. The modern consumer has been exposed to so many forms of visual and textual manipulation they’re extremely resistant to ad-speak and bullshit.

When someone takes the time to engage with your product, you only get one chance to make the first impression. From a brand storytelling standpoint, it’s your mission to convert everyone who gives you the chance to win them over. The clock is ticking. Messaging hierarchy is everything. You need to appeal to scanners, the dabblers, and the deep divers. Design your messaging so it clicks quickly. Then, back it up with easy to understand value offerings. And if people want more, make it easy to find. Don’t overwhelm with why you’re great. Find your one big idea and then create an information infrastructure to support it. Practice deep storytelling, for the win


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