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De-positioning: The Most Effective Way to Position a Brand in Market

Ask not how your branding agency can help you change the world. Ask how your branding agency can help grow your business.


My twenty-plus years career running branding agencies have taught me what works and what doesn’t work in terms of positioning a business for growth. Many trends, perspectives, and buzzwords come and go. New ones continually pop up.


You’ve heard of approaches like disruption, differentiation, relevance, unique selling propositions, and personalization. But today, what you hear the most is brand purpose. Not just the what, how, or who the brand is, but the “why” you should care and how it makes the world a better place. This “why” is supposed to align with something bigger, which is more important than the straightforward selling of products.

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Positioning Brands for Growth

Standing out isn’t enough. One must strategically outmaneuver. Whether carving out a new brand niche or recalibrating an established identity, our methodical blend of brand strategy and creative prowess does more than captivate, it actively de-positions competitors. By shifting the narrative in your favor, we ensure that when customers face a choice, your brand holds an undeniable edge. Our strategic de-positioning approach is the cornerstone of our high-performance brand formulation.

  1. Mastering the Art of Brand Positioning

    The Fazer Method is designed to accelerate your growth with a highly strategic approach. We dive deep into market research, workshop closely with leadership teams, and analyze competitors to identify opportunities to position brands for maximum resonance. Our creative decision-making starts with a strategic foundation that guides all of our storytelling and design.

    • Market and Consumer Research
    • Brand Positioning
    • Competitive Analysis
    • De-Positioning Strategy
  2. Crafting Compelling Brand Stories

    When our strategic foundation is perfectly calibrated to solve customer pain points, de-position your competitors, and amplify your essential performance drivers, we begin to tell the story of why what you do should matter to your customers. The art of communicating who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you exist is an intentional practice. It is a direct extension of the current marketplace reality and the authentic value offering of your business. When a brand communicates clearly, consistently, and with purpose, your customers’ engagement deepens.

    • Brand Themes
    • Brand Persona
    • Brand Narrative
    • Brand Messaging
  3. Visual Storytelling, Not Just Design

    Brand strategy and narrative are our basis for visual storytelling and creative exploration. Design is wasted when it’s out of sync with your core ideology and perspective. There needs to be a rhyme and reason for how you look and feel. We execute on concepts that reinforce your competitive edge. We bring narrative and design together to create a cumulative feeling of ‘more than.’ You are more than your product. You are more than your purpose. Your brand is a dynamic experience felt visually, verbally, and emotionally through every customer touchpoint.

    • Stylescaping
    • Visual Storytelling
    • Visual Identity Design
    • Brand Identity Systems

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