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Mountain Dew’s Urban Branding Triumph: The DEWeezy Revolution

Pepsi / Mountain Dew
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    Pepsi / Mountain Dew

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    Food & Beverage

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    Naming, Brand Strategy, CPG Branding, Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Product Architecture, Product Naming, Messaging, Brand Marketing, Website Design and Implementation, Event Branding, and Comprehensive Brand Consulting.

Mountain Dew, the third most popular soft drink in the US, has long been the beverage of choice for rural and suburban aficionados. Yet, when the ambition arose to tap into the urban heartbeat, they sought the expertise of an award-winning branding agency. Their aim? To amplify brand awareness in urban zones while staying true to their audacious brand DNA—synonymous with extreme sports and adrenaline-charged adventures.

In response to this challenge and to etch Mountain Dew’s presence in the urban narrative, we birthed the “DEWeezy” campaign, joining forces with the iconic rapper Lil Wayne. The campaign’s moniker, a clever blend of Mountain Dew and Lil Wayne’s alias, ‘Weezy’, resonated instantly with the hip-hop community.

The DEWeezy initiative showcased starlit outdoor events, celebrating the fusion of youthful defiance, sports, and rhythm. By aligning Mountain Dew with a hip-hop luminary and the alluring realm of extreme sports, we spotlighted the drink at the crossroads of modern music and sport. Our role was pivotal, shaping the campaign’s foundational concept, naming, brand identity, and holistic creative executions across both digital and traditional platforms.

This collaboration marked Lil Wayne’s debut endorsement, and it stands as the most monumental in Mountain Dew’s lineage. DEWeezy didn’t just represent a campaign; it metamorphosed into a standalone brand, harmonizing the exhilarating facets of Mountain Dew and Lil Wayne’s dynamic persona. As delineated by Mountain Dew brand manager Jamal Henderson, “we’re lauding an artist who carved his success by blazing his trail. Lil Wayne, unapologetically authentic, exemplifies this spirit.”

The DEWeezy brand’s versatility was unparalleled. It evolved beyond a mere campaign, forging a symbiotic relationship between Mountain Dew and the urban skateboarding movement. The urban market responded with fervor, registering a product adoption spike in the range of 10-20%.