Bringing small business credit into the digital current

Covalto is the credit card extension of Credijusto, an online lender servicing small and mid-size businesses in Mexico. In strategic partnership with Want Branding, our job was to help introduce the new product as an instantly recognizable beacon that delivered on the promise of futuristic technology for the Mexican growth market.

Our visual strategy centered around creating something simple and sophisticated that small business owners could display and use as a point of pride. We needed to design a symbol that could stand on its own on a window, website or in a wallet. The forward slash icon paired with the letter C communicates a simple, optimized feeling of forward motion that embodies the Covalto purpose.

We centered our brand applications on a midnight blue primary color that connotes richness and sophistication. Serif all-caps typography delivers stature, prestige and trust. When taken as a whole, the covalto brand emanates the feeling of an elevated resource that business owners can trust.

Visual ID, design system.