Refocusing Nikon’s brand story lens

In business for over 100 years, Nikon strives to keep its brand communications as sophisticated and cutting edge as its technology. Over the years, Nikon has come to us countless times for help winning back smartphone users, converting camera shoppers into proud Nikonians, and defending Nikon’s share of the dwindling camera market against main competitors Canon and Sony.

Nikon came to us with a list of innovative features ranging from extreme durability to long zooms, and we set out to deliver a multitasking big idea that would accomplish two unique aims: to reinforce Nikon’s status as the legacy camera brand beloved by photographers and to strategically de-position competitors by using Nikon’s strengths to draw attention to their weaknesses.

The big idea, “camera focused,” de-positioned Canon and Sony by honoring Nikon’s refusal to dilute their consumer brand with photocopiers and gaming consoles. With a strong brand idea to campaign on, we brought it to life through bold design and relevant messaging. In the smartphone era, we made a strong case for real cameras and caring about the craft, to help Nikon hold its ground as one of the world’s most iconic and desired brands.

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