Designer eyewear with 20/20 brand vision

When legendary designer and global lifestyle brand Cynthia Rowley wanted to expand her stylish empire into the eyewear space, she came to us. Cynthia’s brand was built on the philosophy that fashion should be an adventure, and she believed that eyewear should be no different. “Fashion is always changing so there’s no reason why your eyewear should stay the same,” explained Rowley.

As the creative visionary behind the brand, Cynthia challenged us to translate her confident, fashion-forward attitude into brand design and storytelling that would capture customers’ attention. In addition to launching a full range of frames, there would be a standalone e-commerce site, which was expected to add complexity to the brand experience.

Beyond positioning this brand to connect with customers, we also sought to position eyewear as a trend-driven, outfit-making accessory to be collected and curated. We crafted the brand’s name, signature tongue-in-cheek messaging and stylish visual identity to elevate the online experience, which featured a full backend optometry lab integration. Rowley Eyewear enjoyed a successful launch, and we like to think that we played a part in helping people see glasses as accessories, as much as they are vision correction.

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