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Startup Branding: Precision Design for a Digital Wishlist App

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    Personal Finance

  • What We Did

    Visual ID, App Design, UX Design.

Monorail is a fintech company that helps people budget and save for the things they want. By connecting your shopping wishlist with a bank account and offering savings solutions, all you have to do is tell Monorail what you want, and they’ll let you know when you have the green light to make the purchase.

We took Monorail into its design phase, building on the work of Want Branding, who led naming and strategy. We wanted to create an icon to communicate a sense of motion, of setting oneself on a path to bring desire into reality. Inspired by the infinity symbol, we tweaked its curvature to express an “M” shape, and give it three dimensions. Our clean and simply modern visual aesthetic was designed to make storytelling easy, and echo the brand’s promise of effortless integration. Providing a bright platform for product introduction and education, we set Monorail on track to share their technology with the world.