Branding Strategies

De-positioning: The Most Effective Way to Position a Brand in Market

Ask not how your branding agency can help you change the world. Ask how your branding agency can help grow your business.


My twenty-plus years career running branding agencies have taught me what works and what doesn’t work in terms of positioning a business for growth. Many trends, perspectives, and buzzwords come and go. New ones continually pop up.


You’ve heard of approaches like disruption, differentiation, relevance, unique selling propositions, and personalization. But today, what you hear the most is brand purpose. Not just the what, how, or who the brand is, but the “why” you should care and how it makes the world a better place. This “why” is supposed to align with something bigger, which is more important than the straightforward selling of products.

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Transforming a Commercial Real Estate Advisory’s Innovative Edge

Bestreich realty group knew their branding needed a radical refresh to win in nyc’s ultra-competitive investment real estate market. The brokerage had already secured the dotcom for their name, IPRG, so they asked us to help them re-launch their brand with a brand strategy and identity that would communicate their relevance and uniqueness to customers quickly and powerfully.

Founded by experienced brokers, the firm’s transformative business model incentivizes teamwork – a departure from traditional firms that expect brokers to compete against each other for sales. Instead, IPRG’s leaders recognized that they could boost their performance by cooperating rather than competing.

We zeroed in on the brand positioning that best conveyed the company’s value to their most important audience: maximizing ROI. Expressed through the disarmingly direct tagline ‘don’t leave money on the table,’ IPRG’s message stands out in an industry plagued by bland monotony and cryptic jargon. Paired with a sleek new brand identity, IPRG’s new site and marketing collateral finally match their high-energy, high-tech competitive edge.

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