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Taking a Mental Health Company from Concept to Creation

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    Concept Development, Naming, Brand Positioning, Brand Narrative & Personality, Brand Messaging, Visual ID & logo, Pitch decks, Copywriting, Web Design, App Design, Thought Leadership, Consulting

The team behind MindSight approached us in the earliest stages of conceptual development. With a rising mental health epidemic and a reported 1 in 5 Americans living with mental illness, the opportunity for innovation in the testing space was huge. They wanted to create a product and brand in unison that would help to take mental health testing and diagnosis into the 21st century.

Fazer’s work began with direct-to-entrepreneur workshops to begin crystallizing the business product offering and go-to-market planning. We profiled and analyzed competitors and customer pain points, and built value hierarchies for targetting B2B and B2C users. Our conceptual “a-ha!” came when we started thinking of mental health testing through the analogous lens of the annual doctor’s physical. Why shouldn’t there be a targeted lab test that precedes mental health diagnosis?

With a better understanding of our market destination, we began the naming process. We created the compound of Mind + Sight to clearly embody both the process and the end result. Next, we built the basic brand narrative and positioning platform. Targeting our B2C psychographic’s feelings of frustration and confusion around mental health, we structured our brand around a theme of guidance. MindSight became a Mental Health Guidance Company offering a “New First Step” to diagnostic precision.

MindSight’s visual presence was built on the idea of precision testing through the lens of guidance. We identified opportunity space in the competitive colorway and strengthened our visual storytelling with a design system built to balance human empathy with scientific authority. For the icon, two hand-drawn circles overlap to evoke the sense of narrowing into focus, or attaining “MindSight.”

We are currently helping MindSight design and build its user platform as they prepare for beta launch in the coming year.