Because average fries are the enemy

Who knew that french fries were a misnomer? Sure, Belgians speak French…but credit where credit is due. Bel-Fries is a fast-casual food concept designed to bring chef-level, restaurant-quality fries to the people and pay respect to the O.G. in the game of crispy, salty spuds.

Tapped by an investment group who saw a market opportunity to flood the streets with perfect fries and special sauces, we got to mapping out the brand fundamentals of a food concept that could sizzle to national notoriety. After helping to find a chef to perfect the recipe, we named the brand, and built a belgium-centric story to ground the technique and set the narrative straight.

We brought in Creme Design to help craft the restaurant’s interior architecture design, and collaborated to create a complete visual ID with logo, iconography and custom typography that would simply stand out in a crowded field of fast(er) food competitors.

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