storyful / building trust in the age of fake news

storyful is the world’s first social media intelligence agency. founded by journalists to help media companies vet, verify and classify publicly-captured videos and media as breaking news stories unfold in real time, storyful is a fake news antidote, a trusted resource for news outlets committed to broadcasting the truth.

after being acquired by big media, storyful was in need of a brand transformation. our initial discovery phase revealed one glaring pain point: storyful didn’t know how to explain to the world what they did and why people should care. so our primary objective became identifying storyful’s core purpose and creating a clear positioning foundation and brand story to broadcast to the market their unique business proposition.

we leveraged our strategic positioning platform to design a new visual identity that would represent and resonate with the storyful core mission. we transformed their logo, evolved the color story, developed a photo filter system and integrated iconography to create the “storyful lens,” a visual tool iterated from the orange dot in their logo that embodies their unique way of seeing the world.

what we did: brand strategy, brand positioning, messaging, visual id, design system, brand consulting, brand architecture, product naming