azuca / where high meets technology

azuca is a cannabis technology company that delivers a proprietary formula for minimizing edible latency. this chef-led business takes a molecular gastronomical approach to optimizing thc and cbd delivery times, offering a product that takes the countdown to blastoff from 1 hour to less than 5 minutes.

with a game-changing innovation in hand, azuca needed to create a full brand experience to take their innovative process to the masses. we created a name that had the snap and substance to speak to the high-end culinary world, aligned on a strategic platform of “edibles perfected” and coined their proprietary time infusion™ (thermodynamic individual molecular encapsulation) cannabis tech.

foregoing the sector-expected suite of played out pot leaves and shades of green for a visual identity that embraced a more sophisticated mode of stonerism, we designed a logo, packaging system and messaging to level the brand out of the black light-filled basement and into the kitchens of the biggest edible brands in the world.

what we did: naming, brand strategy, brand positioning, visual identity, product architecture, messaging, brand marketing, brand consulting