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Elevating Anguilla: A Hospitality Branding Transformation

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    Tourism & Travel

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    Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Messaging, Visual ID, Design System, Brand Consulting, Brand Naming, Brand Experience, Brand Marketing, and Comprehensive Campaign Execution.

Anguilla, a pristine gem in the Caribbean, was poised at a crossroads. While the island basked in the success of its luxury hospitality sector, it grappled with the challenges faced by its mid-market businesses.

The island’s vision was clear: bolster tourism but without the commercial footprints of cruise ships. To realize this aspiration and navigate the delicate balance between luxury and mid-market offerings, The Anguilla Tourist Board was looking for an award-winning branding agency with prowess in hospitality branding to help them chart their path forward.

Our mandate was multifaceted. First, to craft a narrative that would distinguish Anguilla from the archetypal Caribbean destination. The result was an evocative concept: “feeling is believing,” which swiftly evolved into Anguilla’s signature “island mantra.” This wasn’t merely a catchphrase; it encapsulated the island’s soul, its allure, and its promise to every visitor. Parallelly, our “charming escapes” positioning sought to harmonize the island’s mid-market properties with its luxury tier. This strategic alignment presented these offerings not as mere alternatives but as experiences—each echoing the island’s ethos, but at different price points.