Cloud collaboration in a healthcare context

When the dialysis technical operations company, Bion, launched their all-in-one maintenance management software, they needed help establishing their solution’s relevance in a market where was the first of its kind. Developing software was a departure from Bion’s established systems and machine care services, so the client needed a compelling and credible standalone brand to communicate why the new company matters.

On the surface, our client’s historic achievement was the software’s ability to handle the most complex technical environments in healthcare, like dialysis centers. But our discovery phase uncovered the solution’s deeper meaning to customers. Our client had created something their industry had never had access to before: a platform for collaboration.

In a field where talent management is a practically insurmountable problem, Operize offered hope. To put this game-changing solution in context, we crafted the company’s “bringing everyone together in the cloud” positioning; the uplifting, action-oriented Operize brand name; and an approachable brand identity that simultaneously fits in and stands out within the segment. We launched the brand online with clean, simple design and messaging to underscore the streamlining impact of automation and digitization in a segment that’s been slow to modernize.

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