Transforming the world’s biggest telecom into a technology company.

As a Telco, Verizon had been in the delivery service since its inception. Then, after conducting years of market research with one of the biggest business consultancies in the world, Verizon decided it was critical for their future success to create a digital media services company that offered end-to-end solutions for digital content providers. From this, Verizon Media was born.

Our objective was to help Verizon brand this new direction for the company. We embarked on deep-dive research into their market to find opportunity spaces that the future Verizon brand could own. We created brand positioning frameworks that allowed them to clearly communicate their new value and differentiators to multiple audience segments.

Following their new brand launch, Verizon sales teams closed multiple Fortune 500 clients. But most importantly, our brand positioning strategies laid the groundwork for what became the new Verizon masterbrand and has helped them dominate their sector.

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