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When SentinelOne acquired Scalyr, a boutique software implementation, training and tech solutions service provider, they engaged us to rebuild the brand and calibrate it to synergize with the SentinelOne master brand experience.

DataSet fuels optimization and growth for companies by leveraging their data to offer learning insights and answers to drive efficient, intelligent innovation.

We began our brand strategy and storytelling with naming, landing on DataSet which directly and simply aligns with the core value proposition of the company. Our primary objective was to tell the most relevant brand story through naming, messaging and visual design, and give DataSet a distinct presence and purpose in the marketplace.

For visual design, we leveraged our research and strategy to build a system around the concept of what data, when optimized, organized and implemented properly, should feel like to the product adopter. Bright colors fused with technically-precise, shifting geometries create a vibrant representation of DataSet’s potential impact. The DataSet brand is a synergized beacon that represents the business’ claim as the ultimate data experience.