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When we met Clevertech, a 26-year-old consultancy with more than 1,000 employees around the world, they were at a major inflection point. This pioneering digital product development shop was developing industry-changing software for major Fortune 500 companies, like Target, but their identity, name, messaging, and tone of voice were out of sync with how the business had matured. Enter Fazer to advance the brand.

The first order of business: the Clevertech executive team was ready for a change of name. They wanted something they could envision stamped on the side of a skyscraper. We interrogated their competitive strengths and uncovered their mission in the process–to deliver a brighter path to digital transformation. We combined the Latin roots for “light” and “high” to create Lumenalta–a name that delivers on the promise of a brighter, higher path to product.

In the brand strategy phase, our competitive analysis revealed a distinct competitive territory to occupy. On the journey to custom tech development–from new consumer products to systems transformation–clients are notoriously left in the digital dark. Typical prestige consultancies spend more time diagnosing than doing the actual building, and off-shore dev shops enlist inferior talent, disappear, and reemerge with a product that’s been lost in translation. Not so at Lumenalta!

We created a care-centric strategic positioning platform to speak to this real need for process transparency and illuminate Lumenalta’s tech-led, high-touch approach. We named it Radical Engagement. What does it mean? Clients are brought into the process with demos on Fridays and workshops on Mondays. With so many opportunities for interaction, the Radical Engagement model means more iterative problem-solving, quicker builds, and better results.

Lumenalta’s visual identity was formed in lockstep with this new brand position, honing in on a modern, optimistic look and feel. While their direct competitors veer heavily into playfulness or exhibit expected corporate restraint, Lumenalta’s identity is bright, professional, and focused, capturing the essence of their culture. The many lines that extend from the icon represent possible paths to product, reinforcing Lumenalta’s quick and agile delivery model.

“As Lumenalta, we will continue to drive big business impact through a faster and brighter path to digital transformation,” Michael Hagler, President of Lumenalta, said of the rebrand in Business Insider in February of 2024.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies and none have set the table for success like Fazer. They guided us through a major brand transformation with business intelligence and creativity at every juncture.”

CHRISTI SODANO Head of Marketing and Communications, Lumenalta