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Defining Shoppable Media for the Consumer of the Future

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We’ve all heard you should watch what you buy, but the team behind dropp brought us a new idea: what if you could buy what you watch? With a product promising to augment video with actionable purchasing power, this early-stage startup approached us to build their brand from scratch.

In creating a new brand, we dove deep into business strategy to identify and align product offerings with target demographics. We discovered a big part of the business model is to partner with media companies to offer brands a way to “drop” new products into their content, hence: dropp, a name that clicks with Gen Z consumer consciousness and succinctly describes the new tech offering.

Our brand work took shape around a creative concept of “shoppable media,” which led to dropp’s key message: see it. want it. get it. We tuned our visual design to have pop culture appeal, fusing elements of the digital current with a street-wise, stylish aesthetic. We created custom icons, wordmark, and energized brand activation touchpoints to make dropp easy for consumers to pick up and hold onto.