Primary care where you live

Matter Health is a Nashville-based start-up bringing a new model of value-based primary care directly to the communities who need it most. Building and operating care clinics inside low-income and senior housing developments, Matter Health delivers underserved populations convenient and consistent access to doctor’s care.

We took Matter Health through our strategic de-positioning process to create an enduring brand positioning platform and develop messaging around their core competitive advantage: presence. Our key message, “Total healthcare. Where you live.” drives home the value that other primary care providers operating in the same sphere don’t deliver on. All of our branding work from website to on-site marketing collateral revolves around this central idea that underscores Matter Health’s differentiated approach to primary care.

We designed Matter Health’s visual system to project warmth and be instantly ownable and recognizable on a variety of applications. The TT Hoves font in the wordmark is elevated and easy to read for their target demographic, dual-eligible senior citizens. In concert with photography and action-oriented messaging, the Matter Health brand exudes a trustworthy and inviting essence that brings its purpose to life. Buoyed by our branding efforts, Matter Health recently secured $35 million in a series a funding led by Jordan Park group.

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